Where is "BuzzWeb Pro"

Hello MPS team,
During the last year I have been using BuzzWeb Pro tool.
It was allowing me to analyse accounts audiences then to choose the accounts to target for my F/UF method in IG.
Since May, due to the IG / Jarvee problems everyone’s aware of, I have stopped to use it both tools (Jarvee & BWP).
Now I trying to find it again. My problem is that he has disappeared!

To me this FREE tool was really good (maybe the best) to create audiences of people living in a specific location. This was also providing a price estimate for a post.
So could you please share with me your thoughts about this tool if you know it?
Did you find it under another name? Or do you know another tool to replace it (maybe better)? (giving country, city,age,sexe… for FREE)
Thanks in advance Team!

I am also wondering of any online tool which provides audience data (demographics, interests, age groups, cities of followers) similar to hypeauditor

yes all of tools i know only provide stats about some data not everything it will be even more benefic for hashtags