Where this API call from?

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Hope your business running well.
I am trying to limit API calls on my accounts. Everything worked well, I could limit it under 100 API call per day and accounts were valid.
Then, several accounts increased API call suddenly over 200 per day and my account got temporary locked. I exported most recent successful api calls and I saw all of them are getting user information.
The problem is I turn all tools off, no follow, no repost,… just do random action. Then I wonder where they come from?

I checked the file and thought it may relates to “UpdateFollowersThatUnfollowed”;
Where can I turn it off? Any suggestion?


Go to Settings > social platforms > Instagram > automatic actions, and uncheck this option.

Do you mean you have "enable random actions using API " checked in advanced settings?

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Thank @ossi,
I have just unchecked these checkboxes.

I use Random Action from Tool. I just checked the Advanced Setting and I didn’t check any Do random actions using api or Do random actions using the Embedded Browser.

Anyway, I want the accounts to do random action by EB so I check Do random actions using the EB.
I will continue monitoring these .

Thank you very much for help me on the case. <3

for GetUserById, this API call is used when you go to a user profile and that is generated in order to load the profile data of that account.

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