💥 Where to buy cheap instagram followers?

I need 10k followers to my Instagram account and I think some of you already bought followers. I need to know the price and from where. Thank you in advance !!!


Why don’t you just let your account sit for a while and actually try to get real followers so you get some engagement too!

Those 10k won’t change anything for your account except for your follower number. Your likes and comments will stay the same, if not they will get even worse!

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In my case I bought followers and also facebook page likes just to embed to my website. So when clients are on the website they can see how many page likes I have on facebook and also how many followers I have on Instagram,twitter. In this way you can be more credible.
And about where to buy them, there are many websites, but I work only with one provider, don’t know if I can post here links, but you can search on google “smgeek


Why waste a month trying to find a way to buy cheap fast fake followers that wont drop? You could use that same month and build your account organically to 10k followers +, even if you get only 5k during the month you look more legit with an account with 5k real followers and 100 real like on every picture than with a 10k follower account with 10 likes on picture/video. Good Luck

I’m also purchase likes, It cost me penny ($0.17 for 1000 likes), and I get them auto for each post. So I pay 0.17$ to have 100 likes for each post for the next 10 posts. For you is worth to loose time by liking other peoples in maybe them will like you back?

What is the purpose of the account you are boosting?

It’s not a wast of time when you target the audience from your niche the ratio of interaction is off the roof. Hopefully you can find the perfect solution your looking for. Personally not a fan of anything Fake, fake like fake followers won’t help you make sales. I have some of my companies with 1k followers and i make same amount of sale or near some of my companies in same niche with 20k + followers.


This is why im asking for the purpose of the account. lel.

It’s the same like

However this shitty likes will harm your accounts more with 0 benefits.

The 10k mark on Instagram gets you the link on Swipe Ups on IG Stories which does do great things in terms of clickthroughs if you optimise Location and Hashtags well.

I had thought about fake engagement to get it, but feel that could hurt things in the long run. Latest strategy is to buy accounts around the general niche from 5k up to speed up the process a bit and then niche down more as they fly back 10k


I’m not planning on buying followers, but I also can’t get my account to budge past 150, so I see the appeal.

Are you sure you want fake followers? Instgram does several sweeps per year and deletes ghost or “fake” followers. You can advertise your profile page using facebook ads, or do a follow/unfollow method. There are still some tools left to assist with that. If you would like to hire a team to grow your page organically contact us. team@sociallightllc.com

Go for it if you want short term gain. Google is your friend. Compare rates.

But I highly recommend against doing it. The “real” followers (ahem, FAKE) WILL drop despite what their websites claim. They are all the same. Then you will be playing a difficult game of losing fake followers while trying to gain more back…


It’s a frustrating and losing game. How do I know? :slight_smile:

Build organically and don’t cheat. Just don’t do it #nike

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Where do you buy your likes for 0.17$?

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There are many SMM Panels through BHW, if that’s the sort of thing you are after?
I haven’t used them personally in a while, a friend has and when they took over doing what I was doing with it we were using JustAnotherPanel.com which had just come up and had real cheap prices. Or otherwise Followiz.com was a fairly budget one too. But otherwise you can just look through the whole list and compare.

But like what’s been mentioned, that probably won’t be good for engagement, just for ‘image’ and credibility. So consider what’s best for your needs :slight_smile:

As some already have mentioned, it is not recommended to buy followers, only if you wanna impress others with the “pure number” of followers. You wont make sales through this and even worse, you will likely kill your organic growth AND then you gonna lose day by day followers.

Here is an example of an account that has bought this year several fake followers:

What is happening after buying fake followers? THIS:

:heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign:
An even “better” example is on level 2 (where someone bought 1 mio fake followers! :flushed: ):

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See, that’s just ridiculous. Again, I get why people buy followers (and I’ve been tempted myself), but c’mon, at least have the sense to do it gradually!

this is definitely not the right road to take,
I understand why people do powelikes and other stuff but buying fake followers that is just waste of your money.

In a different thread a very experienced member has stated (regarding buying fake followers):

Buying followers is definitely not the way to go. They will kill engagement, and engagement is more important than followers. Stay away from buying followers.