Where To Buy Cheap Sim Cards for international use?


Seen It has been asked a few times, and a few people also suggested to get it from Ebay.

But, is it really that simple?

I am not from UK or EU, and getting it shipped is well, costly. Not exactly a problem if it works.

But I want to know, for those 1 pound per sim, how long is the validity? And what do you need to do to keep it alive for 1 year?


Hmm, not sure about this as I’ve only bought from my own country, but from what I know most sim cards only work in the country they were created for, you might incur additional charges or they might not work in anther country - I might be wrong and if I am someone that know more about this please weight in…


uk sim cards work in europe without activations etc. My advice is contact uk operators (o2, vodafone, three, ee) and ask them if their pay as you go sim card will work in your country. If yes go ebay uk :). You can get much better deals than £1/sim.


interesting, didn’t know that so thanks for the share.

I’d also say it’s important to know how long a £1 or less sim will be active for. If you need to somehow put money on it every month so it stays active it’s not very good, instead if it’s valid for something like 12 months it will be quite a good deal.


you can usually use it for free for couple of months. They have expire date on the package (ask seller). If you want to keep it longer you have to top up - £10 minimum and your card will stay active for years


anyone using non pva instagram with success ?


Yes, I got non pva Instagram accounts but they ask for the PV after few days and I PV them using my own sim cards. They are working like a charm for me, I get 6 months old accounts.


Mind sharing the seller ?

P.S i am unable to use this forum on G Chrome , but it works fine on firefox .

Its opening on Chrome but i am unable to reply to any single post , already tried clearing cache cookies but no luck .


Strange, I am on chrome now and it’s working fine ( this post was done from chrome). As i see it the post windows is some kind of popup window from the bottom, maybe you have some things disabled in your chrome and that is why it’s not showing up.


It’s a local seller from my country.


Hi Guys,

I am looking for sim cards in the following countries and running out of the ideas of where to find them. Ebay, local embassies and networks themselves weren’t much of help.

I was wondering if you can have another idea of where to get them from:

Countries: Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast
I’m specifically looking for the following:

  • At least 2 Orange SIMs from each country, the more, the better though
  • They need to be activated in each country first, so they simply need to be inserted into a phone and access the network
  • They then need to be posted to me

Thanks in advance!