Where To Buy Good IG Accounts?

Hey :slight_smile:

Because I’m new I’m not able to access the marketplace so I thought I’d ask for any recommendations here.

Is there anyone or anywhere you would recommend for buying decently set up IG accounts with original email? Either aged with original email or with 500- 1k followers.

Things to note:
I’ve got some already from buy***…
I’m active on the …“other” forum too… But have seen so many neg reviews…But that could be from how the acc was used rather than the provider. I feel like this place is more honest than there.
I’ve thought about making my own, but after reading conflicting info I was put off.
Looking for more accs to set up tests with.

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You can check these out

www.flipmass.com (needs invitation code)

I suggest you use a MM that is vouched with a track record. You can look up @thegmac via Telegram if you are looking to purchase your accounts.


What else is on flipmass? Have you got an invite code? Have you used them?
Thank you for the help.

Quick Tip: It’s not about the age anymore. Nowadays it’s more about the way the account got created.


Second this, and so will many others. You want to find 4G HQ accounts, made on android mobile in the app, or at least in a unique browser.

I don’t search other forums so I’m not sure where you’ll find this particular product reliably.


The finger print and which proxy/IP it was created on etc?


Is the only option likely to be DIY or use a VA for that?
Plus when I read about it, one person says X and then another comes along and says its not working or it’s the wrong way to do it.
I know IM is full of people who say things to avoid methods being common knowledge and I understand why.
Time is my primary issue at the moment, or rather lack of it, especially as I look to scale the number of accounts at the end of the month.

Yeah, that’s a shame. I can understand hiding things at certain times, but complete lies or deception which leads to others making bad mistakes is not ideal. I find in the higher levels the community is good - there may be some secrets kept quiet but I don’t think people are maliciously throwing others in the wrong direction or anything. There was definitely a period where the talk about using 4G mobile-made accounts was quiet, but nowadays it’s common knowledge and basically becoming realised that if you want to use reliable IG accounts on automation then you need the higher quality accounts.

You can do it yourself or hire a VA if you’re able to arrange that. You’ll just need to have a good think about weighing up your time and expenses.

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In my experience it’s also related to age. With aged accounts Instagram seems to be more tolerant. An exapmle:
I created a new account properly and I bought the same amount of likes and followers for an aged account and for that new account.
Result? The new account got banned while the old one is still alive.

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I’m not stopping you from buying aged accounts + likes :slight_smile:

Edit: Highproxies are also great!

I know that you’re not stopping me :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m just giving my piece of advise based on my experience


Thank you.
I’ll have a think.
The ideal situation for me is to buy to test and use at this point.
It’s likely I will make some myself at some point, because I like to try things.
But I don’t like to try and fail, if I can get around it though with a few bucks LOL.
The methods here seem better thought out. More complete and with more engaged answers.

you gave him wrong link about swapd
the correct link is https://swapd.co/

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My bad, thanks for the correction!