Where To Buy Quality Pinterest Accounts?


I am looking to get into using pinterest to bring traffic to my DIY blog, and was wondering where you experienced pinterests marketers get your accounts from? After doing a quick google search I see a few people offering pinterest accounts fairly cheap, but it seems like a lot of these accounts use spam related emails / make thousands of accounts on the same ip address which ends up in the accounts getting banned not too long after you start using them. I am looking to buy accounts that are not made in this fashion and will actually last for months to years without getting banend. If anyone can recommend me somewhere to buy quality pinterest accounts it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

@Adnan Maybe you can share your experience with @kiethgte

Recently I got some decent accounts from a guy on BHW. I’ll try to bring him here to open a sales thread.


even a link to his BHW thread (if allowed) would be great!

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Here’s a link to his profile: http://bit.ly/2hvjwEI

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