Where to create emails

I need to create around 100 personalized emails tried a few servers but they all ask me for a telephone number etc…
Where can I create some that are decent?
I recall a service that provided telephone numbers online, I think it was russian… any idea ont hat too?

Thanks so much

Can you specify exactly what do you mean with personalized emails?

You could just buy your own domain and use a catch-all for all emails aliases.

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There are few providers that provide phone verification services, if this is what you are talking about. Such as smspva, simsms.org, getsmscode.com, 5sim.net and others :smiley:

Are these emails going to be used for something important, or just for some spam kind of actions?

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I need them to have certain names as they are for reviews and they choose to use part of the email… its a bummer to be honest…

I need the emails to post some reviews as they use part of the email as ID…
And yes the phone verification services are those! Thanks for the names!

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I suggest you invest some time in researching rules and methods related to making reviews from “not real” accounts since these platforms are quite strict rules and “spam accounts” can be easily detected.

If you plan to use them for a platform similar to Trustpilot, don’t bother, they are automatically deleting all the fake comments/reviews.

Oh no no, its for something “personalish”

smspva, getsmscode