Where to get IG accounts from?

I’ve wasted over $500 due to bad account in the last 2 days. As soon as I hook them up with MP they request PV. After I complete the validation, BAM! DEAD!

I use the following:

  1. HighProxies: IG proxies 1/1
  2. Real sim cards purchased localy
  3. Accounts purchesed from a seller here on the forum

At this point I am pretty sure that the issue is with the accounts. So could anybody share a contact for good aged IG accounts. Please share based on your RECENT EXPERIENCE

Alright, let’s see!

I make my own accounts with the browse feature at MP. It’s much safer and you can make let’s say 200 accounts, and use 100 accounts and age the other 100 accounts.

Hm… that’s a good point. However, I see 2 issues:

  1. It might not seem natural, because 99% of IG accounts are created through the APP;
  2. It is very time consuming

How long does it take you to make 100accs?

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did you buy from those sellers who PM you privately? those who are not officially allowed to sell in this forum’s marketplace? if so, those sellers are questionable indeed.

Well I found the seller here on the forum, he had a thread… seemed legit… do you have somebody verified that you are using for accounts?

Honestly, i tried different sellers and i gave up trying

Ask refund and see my pm.I don’t know to how many accounts you use same number and on how many devices you put number to verify.All other reason your account got banned are listed to my dm.

Create your own and you will remain happy.

The most will die before reaching week 3 , why lose so much time creating them , when you can have some with original mail 6 month at least ?

Thanks! Will do.

It is too time consuming, if you are looking to escalate, and they are all very fresh… but if you are aiming for 20,30 Ig acc than this is the best way. I got up to 20 this way.