Where to get proxies without follow block

Hey guys,

where can I buy proxies without follow block.

I tested some seller but no one works.


With what provider are you having issues?
What kind of operation are you running (Spam/Client/Growing)?
What tool are you using for running your accounts?
Where did you buy your accounts?

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Also having the same issue over here! Using a GreenCloud VPS to grow our account, and following was suddenly blocked last week. Switched it off for a few days, adjusted our settings way, way, waaaay down, but still keeps blocking after 5-10 follows. Support recommended getting a proxy to sort it out, but not having much luck.
Any ideas?

Same issue,
I have been using Jarvee to follow/unfollow and bought Instagram proxies from a number of providers.
But still keep getting follow block after 5-10 follows.
Looking for better proxies to work, can’t find it out.
I am also using green cloud VPS. Is it something related to VPS by any chance?

Where do you have your accounts from

Same here, where did you bought your accs? I have valar accs and last week 50% got follow blocks even that warmed up… Have no idea why this happened :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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My accounts are pretty old and warmed up.
I was doing 400-500 follows a day without any problem when last week this problem hit up.
Since then couldn’t get it to work.
anyone using high proxies here? suggestions?

did you bought accs from valar?

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The cost of each Dedicated Proxy is 6.97$… how to manage it ?
How many account running on 1 proxy,
what is number of followers, likes, doing per day ?

Plz guide in detail our CPA business are stuck due to action block.

follow blocks are like herpes


I an just running one account on one proxy. Want to play it safe.
Maybe someone else knows how many accounts you can use per proxy?
Doing around 400 to 500 follows and unfollows each per day. Likes just maximum 10 per hour, because I get blocks otherwise.

Same, I am using 1 proxy per user.
Is it somehow related to Jarvee recommended VPS i.e GreenCloud? or it is a proxy problem.
Any solutions where can I buy proxies which don’t get blocked?
tried high proxies,proxy6.net & proxy-and-vpn.com
Any other recommendation?


I pay something like $80 for 50 proxies and pretty much never receive any f/unf blocks on the same settings as you. Like blocks on the other hand…

You’re paying $10-15 per proxy??? :scream:

Seems like you’re overpaying by a lot, especially considering you’re receiving action blocks. The most I’ve paid is $80/50 proxies, and they hardly, if ever, receive action blocks when f/unf.

How many accounts are you running per proxy?

Thinking about going the automatic follow/unfollow route, so we aren’t following and unfollowing at the same time. What do you’ll think?

I run them both at the same time, and that hasn’t been an issue before.

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I still get follow block don’t know from where to get proxies at luminati I have to agree (verify to test the proxies) that they can take money from PayPal and my bank too. But that’s too risky for me. Someone know a solution?

Jarvee has an issue with this option. They’ll fix it within the new update tomorrow or after tomorrow (they said). They recommended deactivating it in all accounts.
Also, they recommended activaging “Use only embedded browser to follow” ONLY in accounts with Follow Blocks.

I thought that was also a good idea but they told me to actually do the opposite. Like comments, watch stories, etc… to gain IG’s trust. Don’t know.

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