Where to get shoutouts?

My wife’s personal fitness account is looking to grow by doing some SFS in her specific niche. She has 46K followers.

Is there a site that exists that connects people wanting to do the same thing?


I don’t know if this site even works or not.

Yeah thanks I spotted that one - wasn’t a fan because had to login via IG to them. Was hoping there was a site where people could collab/network. I’d even consider some of the paid ones, but have no idea what the cost is.

Theres shoutcart for selling shoutouts

Not sure of the best website for that however i use fiverr to sell shoutouts which isn’t bad, for buyer you really have to look around ask user and look at the account to make sure followers are legit and that you’ll get your money worth. Good Luck!

not sure how legit the accts are but you, as the name implies can buy and sell shoutouts.


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not good at all… There is no way for selecting the audience, so the result can be a lot of fake users from anywhere…

just tried it, but the site seems to be not working well…