Where to go from here? "Big-ish" Instagram Medical pages

A year ago I finished dental school and began using Instagram.

Since then I’ve created several medical, dental, and travel pages. The biggest one has 50K followers which just reposts medical cases by Doctors on Instagram … another medical page has 13K followers but gets 800K accounts reached and +2 Million impressions in a single week

Now I don’t really know much marketing but I think those numbers are not too bad, but I don’t know where to go from here? How can I make money out of this?

I’m a Dentist but I really enjoy using Instagram and the marketing aspect. Using one of my bigger pages i’ve DM’d certain doctors and suggested I could grow their page like I did with the one I’m dming them from, many were interested and keen but wanted more proof and said if I could show them a doctor i’ve worked with, but I haven’t done that yet so I said it’s private info and that just died from there…

I feel very ill prepared to DM again but i’m really motivated to do this, i’ve been practising a script and tips, should I just walk into dental and medical clinics and suggest I market their Instagram for them? Due to overseas education, i’m not currently licensed as a dentist unless I go through a lot of exams and process that will take a while so I’m really desperate and hungry to work, grind, and make money tbh

You might wanna try swapd.co for selling shoutouts or reach out directly to businesses in the market :upside_down_face:
Be aware of certain legal restrictions in some countries for advertising medical stuff though!

Great thanks for tip!

Maybe do a couple Instagram accounts for “free” to become your cases to present to potential clients. The initial investment of time you will make in these accounts can set you up for the future as you will then have case studies as proof of your work and ability to grow accounts. I’m also a dentist and have recently started my Instagram for my work, my username is drkhush_ if you want to chat some more and maybe collaborate?