Where to sell IG accs?

Where do you guys sell niche accounts? I’m talking about accs with 10-50k followers

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We have marketplace here… Sales thread costs $50/year. If you’re interested, contact me.


Like @adnan mentioned, we have the marketplace. What I also found to be a great solution for accounts that size is to sell it to the followers.

Just post on your story that you are selling the account and check your DM’s regularly.

Sold a 5K account for 60eu straight to my bank account that way.


There is also flipmass. It has a third-man which helps guarantee a safe sell. Down side is that they have a fee for buying/selling accounts on their platform and they need an invitation code. Pm me if you are interested.


I can’t seem to find the marketplace here… do I have to be level 2 to get there? Trying to figure out how to be level 2 hahaha


Stolen from the thread of how to level up but here you go lol

If you really like our community and you are serious about it, you will both learn and share with the others what you have learned you can reach the Member status. Here are the prerequisites for this level:

  • visit at least 25 days, not sequentially
  • cast at least 100 likes
  • receive at least 200 likes ( this means you will have to be helpful and friendly within the community)
  • reply to at least 150 different topics
  • enter at least 350 topics (this means read them)
  • read at least 1500 posts ( a post is a reply, a topic/thread can have many posts)
  • spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts

As you can see, you need to prove to the community that you want to be a part of it and not just do a hit and run like most members do on forums.