Where would we trade accounts?

Where can I sell and buy social media accounts and services ?
Need help please !

If you want to sell here, you need a sales thread. Send @Adnan a DM.

Edit: I am pretty sure this is a new alt account for the guy who keeps spamming trying to sell his fake verified account. Don’t accept a DM from him.


Yes you can sell here. But probably it helps to support the community / contribute to the forum and build up trust first. Once you have that trust people will help you and recommend you (in case you really provide decent quality) and are “a man” in terms of handling problems (which always can occur).


Luckily discourse logs the IPs :slight_smile:


Maybe you can try: fameswap.com


What !!
how or what you mean?

good what else ?

Ummm not the best reply I guess… :sunglasses:

Having joined the forum just two days ago and then trying to sell something… in IG-speak that would mean a very low trust score…


We talked about accounts yesterday


oh thanks very much !

Did you know that people can be tracked down by just analyzing the last 500 words they have written (that is 10 year old knowledge). Patterns are there…


What you mean ?

I’ve nailed a few people that way. It’s kind of fun.


Yes I know. And I admire your expertise. Have been working as a purchasing manager in various industries for the last 15 years… And once you know the smell of sh…t you never forget. --> I feel what you mean

EDIT: I also like to nail “people” but like HenryCooper uses to say: noHomo :joy:


as in you can identify their location?

No not location wise. Actually all it is required is to analyse the last 500 words of text written by you. There is a unique pattern… which words you use, typos, length of sentences and so on… And you can be easily tracked down. The shocking truth is that they use these patterns to track down whistle blowers.

So in case you ever need to go that road… you need to write telegram style. Like: Person A did this STOP. Then he did this STOP. Don’t use any periods or commas. Use the most basic words and don’t do any typo.

And that is knowledge that is already 10 years old… Scary world we live in.

EDIT: and yes discourse forum logs the IP. Any admin and moderator can see. Also scary :slight_smile: Don’t be evil as they’ve used to say at alphabet (aka google)