Where you live in? (Photo Post)


NOCO area. :smiley:


T street! I used to love San Clemente. We would always hit up Trestles or the Power plant. And those sharks are why I have a bit of thassalaphobia.


Yup, this is why I love Colorado.


They saw one at the pier and one at churches yesterday and closed T-Street for 4 hours!

My greatest shark tale happened when I was surfing on my SUP with no leash at a reef offshore about 100 yards that only breaks when there is some decent swell on 4/20:cloud: by myself (literally cannot make this shit up), turned around to paddle into a wave and bottom turn and as I set up my turn one pops up literally right next to me almost knocked me off the board. Wasn’t one of the huge ones but roughly 80% the size of my 10’6 stand up paddle. At that point I couldn’t even think of how to ride the wave and went straight which is hard when the waves are big on a SUP and just prayed I didn’t lose my board and have to swim in a 100 yards w/o it after just seeing the man in the tuxedo :shark:.

But here I am alive lol, and probably going to surf on the same board at the same place (cause I live in front of it) again today and for the next week straight… so idk who to blame.



This is the view from my place in Cancun

I don’t get to stay there very often because it rents pretty well but I thought it was worth sharing. Oh and well because I don’t live all year round.


Goddamn you guys are giving me some extreme travel fomo right now.


Currently living in Vienna, normally in Singapore or Germany





From France here! Ardeche is so beautiful! Try la charcuterie?


Utrecht, Netherlands. @Meninblack, @MPRules
When Amsterdam meet-up?


any time.



Vegas living has its perks - funny how someone else on MP forums lives in Vegas too =)


Maidstone, Kent, UK


My local pub…!


Carinthia, Austria :austria:


Tirana, Albania :albania:

View from my working place.


Poland, Masuria


Im in Wisconsin.


My Son in his Aunt’s back yard in North East Wisconsin, Go Packers!


That’s beautiful!


I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Probably known for all the wrong reasons. Missing plane, Plane crash, Plane got shot down, missing government funds etc. Nonetheless, people here are pretty nice and travelling here is very cheap with amazing views from beaches to mountains and hidden waterfalls.