Where you live in? (Photo Post)


I saw that pple where posting their offices, and there are so beautifull. Also noticed that here on MPsocial there are ppl frome all over the world, so, lets make a photo post sharing the places where we live in.

The idea is to upload a photo of your city, a landscape, your “hood”, anything you want about your place (better if it was taked by you), with a caption explaining others what exactly are they seeing

I´ll start

Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia Argentina

I took this photo the day before yesterday. Was comig back frome leaving my wife at the airport. This is a commercial area of the citie, and in the background you can see Mount Olivia. It was around 10 AM. First light hits ground at about 9:30 AM in winter, and sun goes down about 17:45 so there s days when I go to the office night time, and get out night time also, can be pretty depressing sometimes altough the natural beauty of the place.


Looks nice :slight_smile:




that looks nicer, lots of sun and you can drink something outside, i miss the ouside world :sob:


During the summer :smiley: we have winters here too :slight_smile:


Where is this? :smiley:


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Trieste :slight_smile:


That looks sooo nice!


where is this?


India its a small town Lucknow


Phoenix Arizona - 2 weeks ago


South of Munich, close to the Alps - in the country of sausages & beer :sunny: :smile:


OMG, I want to live there for a week!


You gotta do that, it’s freakin’ awesome here - skiing in winter and swimming / hiking in summer :smile:


Trieste looks great - whats the cost of living there?


wow you guys living in nice places :open_mouth:


The Colorado Rocky Mountains.


Amsterdam :muscle:


WOW! :slight_smile: Nice view. No wonder why you’re that calm all the time :smiley: