Where's your favorite location in the world to holiday/live and why?

I have recently made a decision to change home base from Australia(lived here my whole life) to Turkey. With turkey as my home base, I would like to holiday/live short term in other countries. Your experiences and ideas could help me make better decisions :slight_smile:

  1. Favorite place to have a holiday and why (minimal to no work - just fun, Usually 1-6 weeks long)
  2. Favorite place to live short-term and why (digital nomad lifestyle - Usually 2-4 months)
  3. Favorite place to live long-term and why (Home life - 1 year and over)
  4. Which country are you originally from (Born/citizen)
  5. Where are you most excited to go next?

I have never lived overseas, but I will attempt to answer with my current travel experience.

  1. New Zealand (South Island)
    Very calm and quiet. Scenery is out of this world (looks fake). A lot of fun and mind blowing activites. Driving for hours is also really fun.

  2. Japan (Kyoto)
    Yes, Tokyo and Osaka are more entertaining - But unlike Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto is very calm, quiet and full of nature! People are overly friendly and matcha green tea is available in every dish :stuck_out_tongue: You can also get crazy fast portable WIFI with unlimited data for really cheap!

  3. Turkey (Bodrum or Antalya)
    Scenery and food are ridiculous. People are generally very authentic and overly hospitable. Lot’s of activities and things to do. Also very cheap. I speak the language fluently, so that makes things much easier.

  4. Australia

  5. Netherlands (Amsterdam)

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I love southern Cali , pacific coast highway is a nice drive until you hit laguna.

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Thailand - Pai. An amazing small town full of open minded people, online workers, hostels and bars to socialise, Muay Thai gyms and yoga studios.
And the best food in the world :yum: