Which are the best ways to sell accounts?

can any one give links for selling accounts which is genuine ?

Your best shots are forums imo. Here, BHW…

The catch is, selling on BHW can be expensive if you have just couple of accounts for sale since they charge about $130 for sales thread and have long approval process.

We closed marketplace for new sales threads at the moment since we’re working on new rules there, but it should be open again soon.


You can join groups on Facebook which are buy and sell groups for IG account. However, you should always be very careful doing transaction if you don’t personally know the person you are trading.

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Sorry for thread highjack.
Just about too sell an account to a “reseller” and he asks for proof of ownership in this manner:
I messaged him saying i am the owner of “x” account but he wants me to reply exactly like he asks in the email.
Sounds a little dodgy.
Am i right to be worried?

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Kinda seems sketchy. Not sure how he could ever take the account that way but to be safe you could just send him the picture and caption you are going to post on that account an hour before you post or something of that nature

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Yeah i messaged him with saying that i am the owner but he still asked the exact same words for me to reapeat.
DODGY as hell.

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Sound like a trap


Yeah he wanted me to say from my account that i am “account x”.
Dodgy people left and right.

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