Which are the largest panels?

Hello everyone, it seems to me that I understood that behind the millions of panels around the network, there are 4/5 that supply them all. Does anyone know them?

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It is difficult to find them because I think those panel don’t market themself anymore as they are already in too much work load. Only way you can do is to find the cheapest or the best one that works for you.

there is no main provider for all services. lets say someone runs a facebook engagement server, i will make a panel and sell services from my server, on the panel. then resellers would resell from me and the network goes on and on.

if a panel is selling a limited amount of services then they may be a provider.

also look at domain registration date as u can tell which panel launched when, older panels may be closer to the provider

never though about checking domain registration date. its a good idea

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What exactly are you looking in these panels? I might be able to help out