Which country are followers from?


I have a question I can’t figure out the answer for:

I’m trying to find out where are particular accounts followers from? I’m looking at big brands (like Nike, Adidas, WWE) and figure out how big is their following per country.

I.E. Brand has total of 10m followers but how many of them are from Greece.

Obviously I don’t own/have access to this accounts :slight_smile:

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Use hyperauditor

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Hypeauditor is super inaccurate and I’m not eve sure if it’s a good indicator as the accounts I’ve compared it with have completely different demographics than what Hypeauditor stated.

I really don’t think there is a good way except through the creator studio. Not sure if they released an update which allows you to see brands demographics/insights as this would be incredibly helpful when purchasing influencer marketing promo’s/campaigns from different pages.


Hypeauditor used to show you a few stats for free, but this feature is gone as far as I can see. The reports on top brands/vip’s used to be also free.

On the top of that it’s super expensive and for the volume I need it doesn’t make sense as you pay per report not per month.

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This would be super useful actually and exactly what I was looking for if you can split demographics of the account by country.

Do you know if it’s possible to find demographics for any other social channels (like Twitter i.e.)?

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https://thesocialflame.com/en have now audiences … you can even export to excel the list you create


Awesome! This is really helpful, just what I was looking for. Cheers!

I just compared results from both tools (HypeAuditor and The Social Flame) and they far off each other.

NBA demographics for Spain

  • According to Hype Auditor = 980,800;

  • According to The Social Flame 3,672,000 (8% of total following).

Any idea why these figures are so much off and which one to believe?

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I have a hunch that they just analyse a small sample of followers, as opposed to all the followers of an account. And the results vary because of how they determine the criteria for their samples.

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It would be really beneficial if they at least explain what methods of measuring they use.

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I’ve just always assumed its the most recent xxxxx numbers of followers.
But you’re right, it would certainly be beneficial to have it explained.

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