Which Device ID Changer do you use?

I’m looking for an app that will allow me to change my Device ID, plus my Wifi, Bluetooth MAC, and so on. So I went to the Google Play Store and found several apps. This should only change the Android Device ID and that did it. However, to clean up the other footprints I need another app. I have been informed and would like to use Xposed’s. I’ve read about the Xposed Framework, and so on, and it looks legit. Why does this app have so many negative reviews in the Play Store ?! Maybe because some people have not rooted their device and / or do not know that Framework is required?

What do you think legit? Which app do you use to reset your IDs?

if i remember right xposed just let you install module created by users, and yes, probably just people that don’t have roots privilege, but has been some years now since last time i used it

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Are you using one at the moment? When yes, which one? @Broked

Device emulator is golden.


Thanks for sharing that app. Looks perfect for creating multiple accounts. Now I just gotta get Xposed on my phone.

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Honestly, its so underrated!
Its such an excellllllent module I love it. The only thing I would make sure is that when the phone number randomizes, randomize it again if it begins in a 0 or 1 because that will change the length of the number. So if you restrict your location (which you can do in network), and you lock it to Canada every time it randomizes, you’ll want that 10 digit number. However, if it begins in a 0 or 1 those numbers disappear and it looks like a shorter number when you sign up on Instagram and it auto fills your phone number.
Just the one thing I double check every time.
Good luck :slight_smile:

What phone are you using?


I will be using a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I have had to return two phones so far cause they sent me non working/wrong models…:roll_eyes:

So hopefully this S5 will work good I should get it by tomorrow.

The S5 and up need a different version of Xposed. Its a bit hard to find but I use an S7 and an S3 so I go back and forth.
If you need the Xposed APK for S5 let me know and I can send it to you!

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Is this the one you currently use?
Would I need to download other files ?

I really struggled with rooting an S7 gave up already. And rooted a Sony Xperia. But I still have the S7 unrooted. Could you maybe give me a little hint which firmware, root and super user works for you? Are you using custom firmware? thankful for every little advice

Yes I don’t recommend anyone use an S7. I have one and figured it out so I use it sometimes. But S3 is the best option 100%. I’d say get your hands on one of those first.
But for an S7 you’ll need to root with ODIN. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it but the first few times it seems a bit complicated.
I use xposed or magisk but I prefer xposed as it’s easier.

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I also would not recommend : ) not at all. It’s just I have it. So I will try with Odin. I tried with magisk but custom firmware is needed cause firmware blocks magisk manager. Thx for the answer would be awesome if that works finally

FYI: I cant like would really love to is one of the most likeable answers i ever got :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Could you message me back please when u get a spare 5 mins please :smiley:

Definitely try Odin. I don’t have issues with the S7 at all anymore. I actually use it a lot now because my partner will be using my S3 and because I am used to it I wont bother buying another S3.
Just keep in mind that Xposed for S5 and higher is different from S4 and lower.
This worked for me.

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