Which groups do you prefer?

Hi. What groups do you prefer?
Groups with 50k+ members or lower? And why?

I always target groups with more than 5000 members; however, the most important thing is activity. If the groups are getting a lot of spam, or no one likes / comments on anything, avoid them.

@Said I guess you should be able to provide some info on this.

I agree with @trolling4dollars I got far better results targeting groups with more than 10 000 members, so unless you have the time to filter the groups that have a lot of spam from the ones that doesn’t, I guess you will need to go with big groups.

There is a logic to joining small groups, like with less than 2,000 members.

In a very large groups, there is a fierce competition and lots of experienced guys who know how to use bots. You are lucky if your post stays on the top more than 10 minutes.

Now, opposite to that, in a small or tiny group, you can be holding top position for few days. Granted its going to bring you less traffic.

But then, comparing big and small groups would be comparing apples and oranges. Join 20 small groups, that will be same as joining 1 large group. Difference is, with 20 small groups you’ll be on the top for many days, as opposed to many minutes in a large group.

Assuming that you have auto-group-joiner software joining 100s of small groups is not a problem.

Granted, the main thing is not a size of group, but the activity, or the number of daily posts and number of new members joining in every week.