Which IG Scheduler Do You Recommend?

Which Instagram Scheduler do you guys recommend nowadays?

I have an ‘authority’ Instagram handle that features travelers and influencers’ travel posts in my local area. Got around 60k real followers, haven’t used the page in a while, but keep getting people to send and tag pictures. I’d like to revive this page by starting to repost travel pics every day.

Which scheduler would be best for that? Also is there a schedule software that also lets you automatically post the first comment?

I would only use Facebook’s scheduler since all third party software is having problems.


Planoly has worked great for me - no issues at all


Facebook Creator if ya want decent and most important __ SAFE!!!


I’ll go with Planoly for now. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go with Facebook Creator. Thank you guys for all input.


Creator Studio is the only right answer.


and what about automation - does Creator Studio support API requests? Why not MP? For me MP does a great Job here. Create an xml feed an here you go with mp…

Why is this the only right answer? I’m using Planoly and have been for a while. Never a single issue and great functionality

Never had any trouble with Buffer, it does the job.

I use Buffer App and its pretty solid. iOS app but I mostly use the desktop browser version.

bufferapp works with facebook and twitter as well. I have hundreds of accounts on it. You can create groups to publish the same content to multiple platforms simultaneously, which is great if you have the same brand on FB/IG/Twitter etc. I think it can even do some other platforms I don’t use as well.

I use instaplana I can get you a free license PM me.


https://jarvee.com/ works fine!