Which is a good hosting provider?

Which is a good hosting provider and what hosting would be recommended for the following case?

1.200-500 visitors a day
2,DDOS Protection
3.Daily/every 2-3 days automated backups
4.Speed and good uptime
5.Safe and Secured

Does anyone has any personal experience with any hosting provider,your help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

You can try buyshared. I have the cheapest reseller account there. Speed is good, much better than most other hosting providers, free SSL, and they are also cheap. $2 a month for unlimited domains, unlimited traffic.The plans for a single domain are even cheaper.
You can configure backups yourself. Safety is something that mainly depends on you.


I recommend HostWinds, a cheap and professional team. I have been using them for more than 2 years.

They are a small competitor hence they will always look to please you.

Also, their support is fast and reliable.


How about their support?
Assuming I’m a total newbie and need help with minor stuff
i.e. Installing SSL certificate, Configuring cPanel emails, etc

I’m doing all my hostings with Namecheap and so far they are fine.
Most importantly their customer support.

Thank you

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They have a “Managed VPS” package, which is simply a VPS (which is private hosting, not shared with others) which they help you manage it.

So, you can ask them to migrate/backup/install, etc they will do it for you (hence the name Managed).

I had a migration (I simply bought the plan and ask them to migrate a WP site from GoDaddy to them, they then replied when they finish the job) and one installation (I needed WHMCS on my VPS as a subdomain to a WP website and ask them to install it - they did it in a couple of hours) that they did for me and they never charge any extra fees for the managed plan, except that is a bit more expensive.


That’s great to hear. Thank You

How much support do you expect for $2 a month? :wink:

They use Directadmin, which is very simple to use. Manuals everywhere. Things like clicking some buttons to enable a free SSL certificate or to configure some email addresses are easy to learn. It is good if you know how to do things like this. You can save money by dumping Namecheap and choosing a different hosting provider and by moving your domains from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

I hope it’s not too obvious that I hate Namecheap…


Ha ha, I feel you. Not much.
I can do my some stuff my own.

I have had lots of troubles when I plugged my domain with CloudFlare.
I did all the nameserver changes and everything.
But, changing nameservers has broke the link between cPanel emails and my Gmails.

Trust me, I waited like 2hrs to get this solved.
I needed to know my SMTP server after pointing the nameservers to cloudlfare.
And namecheap they literally took forever to get it solved.
It is more like one represebtative is serving multiple customers at onece.

Everytime I ask anything simple, they always asked me to wait 10-15 minutes :smiley:
This is why I’m thinking of leaving Namecheap and transferring all my domains to Namesilo :smiley:

I’m becoming one though.

Thank You for your time


It is easiest to first copy your old nameserver settings to Notepad, and then move to Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s DNS servers are often faster than name servers of normal hosting providers.

My ideal setup now, after a lot of testing, hosting at Buyshared, nameservers from Cloudflare, but not the page caching because that only makes it slower. And in addition a CDN from Bunnycdn with perma-cache.

Websites are lightning fast. I am not in the US myself, but even from Europe and Asia the websites are super fast.


Good Point. I never practiced this though :smiley:

Yeah, I couldn’t agree more.
And Thank You so much for all your valuable inputs.
I shall give them a try.
Stay safe

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I’ve heard that Hetzner is a great hosting provider. I don’t personally deal with it, but I’ve heard this from people that do. :slight_smile:


Never really used their hosting. But, I’m in love with their Dedicated servers. They are the best for running Jarvee. :smiley:

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I can not recommend Hakwhost enough. I am using them since 2007 and they never let me down. They dont have automated backup service but you can do this with a basic cronjob I guess.

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I use hetzner with cyberpanel. The best combination.

If you are looking for a hosting provider, first check the reviews regarding the server uptime, speed, and most importantly, hosting support. A Cloudflare can prevent DDOS attack.

Since 2008, I’ve used various and leading hosting providers.

  1. Arvixe: Used to be a good hosting provider with active support. They grew quickly because of the support they provided. I had to remove my sites as support became their 2nd priority. I still have a domain with them.

  2. Hostgator: Good servers with support, but the site may get hacked; they will keep upselling you sidelocks and security software. I had to leave their server as the sites were getting infected or hacked. Relieved afterwards.

  3. Godaddy: Technical issues/limitations. - Limited time but 24 hours support. Have half of the domain names here. Became expensive these days.,

  4. ResellerClub/BigRock: I kept a few sites with them, still try to buy domains at a lower cost than any other site.

  5. Inmotion Hosting: Support is still good with knowledgeable staff, though they became slow as they grew too fast in the hosting space. Expect good support. It’s been years, and I still have the main server with them.

  6. Cloudways: Tried cloud hosting, very, very bad support. Not worth your time. They outsourced the support to Pakistan based company. Not sure about this time.

  7. Hostinger: Latest entrant of my list provides good support with all types of hosting with an easy control panel—fast servers, much better than all above, along with an active support team. Even I have hosted 8 small sites on a simple hosting account, they all are fine, with fast load time.

During this phase, I also tried AWS, Namecheap and Anonymously for a few websites. I can’t complain about them. At this moment, I would like you to suggest Hostinger.

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