Which is the best service provider to make an Instagram Chatbot?

As you everyone know what Chatbot is and how essential they are for the Businesses and maintaining Dm’s when it is not possible to manage everything alone if you have many pages.

There is already a provider which is ‘directheroes’ but it is too expensive for what I am looking,also is there any alternative thatyou guys might have used?

Your answers would be appreciated,Thanks!

What exactly would you need from this chatbot? Jarvee has the Contact tool that can do many useful actions, send messages, auto-reply to new messages, send messages to new followers, etc.

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I want a chatbot with a dialogflow,like I will tell the user to type ‘x’ or ‘y’ and depending on what he types,I want to send the response.Exactly like how the messenger chatbot works!

something like this:


You can try to make something yourself…

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On Jarvee you’ve got answering to messages differently based on trigger words for IG accounts, maybe that can be suitable for you?

Yes but that’s not that efficient,when I saw a promotion of ‘directheroes’ and texted them,their reply was so like a perfect chatbot.Anyways I will test it once with Jarvee and let you know how does it work out.

I always thought they just used JV

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Directheroes.com is the best English chatbot on the market. There are a few russian competitors that are much more advanced but their dashboard isn’t intuitive for us westerners not to mention the translations come out weird.

Actually building my own at the moment since I want some Unique Features :smiling_imp:


I actually have a chatbot made with dialog flow. It’s built for np.

let us know when it’s finished and let’s test it :grin:

It looks like DirectHeroes has gone offline, their FB is removed too… if they got zuccd is there another great alternative?

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Dm Pilot is a good one as far as I know,also there are scripts on github so you can check them out and modify them according to your needs.

I found multiple DM Pilots… any idea which one is real, or are they all real? Hoping to not get my password stolen lol


They are SAAS Version of the same script,even you can make a SAAS version from it so basically it is the same script.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they authorize Facebook messenger bots to create bots for Instagram now that FB messenger & IG direct are combining.

igchatbot.co or directheroes.com are the ONLY ones I know of.

I got logged in and I can see past dms fine but I set a lot of stuff to send and it seems to all be stuck in the pending queue. Not sure why they aren’t sending.

Also is there a way to send replies that are based on a custom keyword people text you? That was the feature I wanted in DirectHeroes…

Maybe there is something that Instagram might have limited their private Api incase and yes after the recent september update,this software was not working properly.

About the custom keywords,yes a custom made solution can be done but as of now I don’t know any script which does this.

If you find one, I’d pay you a few bucks to show me which service does it!

I don’t think there is any or else I will have to do a lot of trials and errors even if there is any.

I will talk to my dev who works for me if he can get a solution ready,I will let you know.