Which one is better? Blocking or Delete ghost followers?

I read from somewhere that you can Delete Ghost Followers by turning your Instagram into private first. Is this a better way than just simply blocking?

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It doesn’t make sense… If you set your account to private, all your followers are still your followers, only new ones will have to send follow request.

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This ghosting shit needs to become a fucking meme.


Yeah,After I look at the article’s image. It is actually the same as Blocking

Legend says, If you actually used the search, fortune will come to you http://mpsocial.com/t/my-method-for-removing-ghost-followers/10865



My advice, be more like Pac-Man and fuck their day up. Block the hoes.

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What non-PG version of Pac Man did you play as a child?!?! lol

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Let’s just hope that it is not the Pac-Man that is ended up eaten by the ghosts

My parents always said ‘use your imagination’.

Perfect hahaha

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Is doing this really that crazy?

I think I f**ked up my initial targeting on f/uf and now I have thousands of useless followers on an account for a local business. My engagement has taken a big hit cause these accounts care not about me.

So the goal is to block them all and start fresh with my little engaged bubble.

How else can we “clean the closet” of skeletons from bad growth?


why can’t I access this subject?

Cause you just joined and didnt earn access to lvl2. Let’s contribute sir

Yes pleas :’)