Which one of you is this?

Ok guys, which one of you is this? Surely only one of the experts here. @Alexnvo?

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220K for an Instagram account :thinking:

That fat shoutout money lol

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never even seen or heard of them. don’t know.

I seen revenues of million + and this one looks high( a little financial non truth)

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about 170k over priced. teendefinition on sale for 90K 1.9 mill

As @Alexnvo pointed out, the revenue seems a bit too high for an account with 1.4M followers, and in my opinion, it’s not worth 220K.

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selle gotta try, you never know that you find some crazy buyer :sweat_smile:

@BHVen you almost turn out to be a master spin doctor. First the “raunchy bastard” and now this, hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

Dont worry I wasnt being serious about it being you, we just know you are a resident expert at having a really popular account you use to shout the smaller ones.

They just keep showing up.


This guys name on this account is on flippa, then you can search and find the actual account name of the IG account as he wrote an article about it. If it were my account would never leave a trail that would expose the name of such a large account.

I think the seller was drunk while he was setting his pricing. Totally nuts