Which payment option will you choose?

Dear friends

From the list below, which payment option will you choose as a substitute to paypal?

I need to find the most secure and reliable one as I am going to use it as my payment method. I must admit I have always used paypal only and none of these I am fimilar with.
Anyone which offers buyer’s protection like paypal will be great to have too.

I will appreciate your inputs.

Thanks in advance.


Interested in this also.

I personally use Stripe to take money from my clients who pay for clients management(follow/unfollow) growth, seems to work good.

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I understand as a seller stripe must be appealing, since it does not have that many restrictions as paypal.
But. As a buyer you both need the platform to be secure and offer some sort of buyers guarantee. Do you know if stribe has that?

Many sellers has stopped using paypal it. Seems like. Maybe. Due to the buyers protection policy, I don’t know tbh. But it is not an option to choose anymore. So I need to find the best alternative

I’ve used stripe for a long time and found it to be extremely reliable. It does offer buyers protection as well as I’ve had a few chargebacks in the past.

Although be warned, if you do get a chargeback from the client, Stripe will charge you £20 as a fee which I found to be pretty bad. There was no option to appeal the case either.

Aside from one or two minor instances like that, Stripe wins over paypal for me

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Stripe, and if you are from a country where stripe is not supported then Payoneer.

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Thank you very much both.

Also after doing some research online stripe it will be.

Thank for for your input.

Def stripe - as seller and client - for most others I would need to sign me first up and or validate my self

We discontinued PayPal last summer and now are offering creditcard and direct debits … no change in amount of new customers - they are happy with it

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Thank you @Hank9991
Sounds very well and secure. Thanks for providing this information.

Seems everyone is moving away from PayPal… can’t blame them. Stripe takes the same exact fees but offers 10x more features & their support team is super helpful. No complaints thus far

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and just to say - you can also charge back a creditcard payment - you can file this at your bank with a reason. and than they ask the seller for statement - and than the bank decides wether they charge back or not … sooo yeah in the end a bit like paypal too

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and more flexible, better support, more features… definitely Stripe

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I guess word is said.
Also for other members wo may be ibterested to know this. Stripe seems to be the best solution for now.

Thank you each and every one for your input.

I still use PayPal but also use 2checkout for those unable to use PayPal. Once you get approved, 2checkout is a good alternative.

I use Stripe for Vurku and it has been fantastic. Their API is great as well so it made integration easier than other solutions I researched. I’d definitely recommend going with Stripe if you haven’t decided on one yet.

Stripe, if not then payoneer.

I will prefer PYONEER and Cashmaal, JazzCash

Payoneer and Stripe are best for me.

Crypto for sure. No charge backs, no frozen accounts, no third parties to process the payments.

Stripe will be good