Which proxies do you use on scrapper accounts?

The title.

I’ve used the search function and can only see people recommending 4g proxies for accounts. I don’t want to invest so much money on scrapper accounts.

Your help is appreciated, thanks.

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zProxies iP6v

and how many accounts do you use per proxy?

One, they are good quality. I got the 50 pack of IPv6 proxies.


I was told they can only do about 500 api calls before issues with DC?

I swap my scrapers regularly or 4G :wink:


You can use IP6 on scrapers or a 4g with fast rotation

Good DC proxies are fine. Most issues come for your settings and accounts, not the proxies.


I use IPV6 proxies

yeah I wouldn’t know if the price is actually cheaper since I just use 4g/resi for my scrapers. Might give it a try but im sure it will cost similar in pricing after all the account replacements.

Under 10$ for 50x iPv6 per month vs 1x 4G for 30-50$ per month. Heavy rotation on 4Gs and their quality could compensate. Initial investment with iPv6 to get you started and making your first mistakes, and you will, might be wiser…and then upgrade to 4Gs. Or just go full out on 4Gs from the beginning.

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