Which proxies for Twitter? I use 50 accounts currently

Hello I currently use 50 social media proxies (highproxies) for Twitter.
1 Account per proxy with good settings, they are running very nice.

I want to scale up more and want to run 100,150 or even 200 accounts.

Which provider do you recommend ? My provider only recommeds their social media proxies but the 50 proxies costs me $130/month.

What cheaper option is there? Better to buy them instead of paying monthly? Any other offers?

Pls help…looking for more working proxies to add more accounts

Aren’t you making any profit or why do you want to switch? I mean you are happy with the proxies you use right now and they work great, better just keep them up.

yes I make profit but I want to add much more proxies and accounts.
Any more options? other providers?

According to this list the best proxies for twitter are Smartproxy, Geosurf and BlazingSEO. AFAIK, the last one is also the cheapest option, but doesn’t fare as good in other categories.

So depending on your needs and budget, you can see what fits you best.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

I suggest going for the provider that would have big pool of IPs since that is important if you want to make more accounts and work on automatic tools. Smartproxy would be a good choice, since their prices are affordable and you can use all the pool of proxies for your work. You can also check Stormproxies of geosurf since they also offer IG proxies which isn’t so common in the market.