Which Proxy Provider I should take?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a Proxy-Provider for adult cpa on instagram. They should provide:

Payment via Bitcoins
if possible make follow actions, I know at this time there is a problem and not so easy.

They should be online (most time).

Not very expensive.

Thank you guys.

not sure that your ad will get approved by insta. or you are just talking about proxy??

You mean the proxy or support?

I really doubt there would be proxy providers that would accept this, as it might flag their whole subnetwork, which is not a risk worth taking for them

Why most of proxy provider sell their services on other sites too?

https://hypeproxy.io accept bitcoin payment but we are currently out of stock :confused:

we accept bitcoin https://stackaxis.io :smiley: & we are not expensive :star_struck:

place an order doesnt work

Check your pm.
We don’t have btc option on order form.