Which Social Media site brings in the best traffic? i need

Which social media site have you used to drive traffic to your website/affiliate offers?

In your opinion , which of these brings in the highest quality of traffic: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Pinterest ?

Youtube has been the best for my affiliate offers if I can rank a video for a keyword with a lot of searches, although the conversion rate is considerably higher for me in FB groups and on Instagram for me.

Facebook is 2nd. This for the past 30 days for me on my tracked Bit.ly links.

Real talk though, I think any of those platforms can bring in HQ traffic if you have a great content strategy/growth strategy & OFFER to promote. It also depends what your goals are & what you’re trying to sell!

oh. thank you. i am interested about your comment

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Use your brain, and dont get scammed.

what? who scam ?

@Petter The guys trying to sell in the second comment.

Feel free to ask me any questions. Happy to help where I can :slight_smile:

oh. Thank You.

Yeah. Thank you