Which software used to build this forum

This community is very nice and the platform is very user friendly. what software is used to build this

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Platform is called discourse :slight_smile: Thanks, glad you like it, it’s a little different from the main forums around but it’s more oriented on actual discussions than everything else.


Thumbs up for the platform from me as well

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Thumbs up for sure. I like the interface and the ability to earn points and more.

Just curious what forum software is this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


moved this here as we already had the question before :wink:

this is by far the best forum in terms of design and functionality I have ever encountered

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They use the same software on the current version of the World of Warcraft forums. They recently switched, they were using their own for like 10 years. My favorite forum softwares are vBulletin and IPB so I wasn’t expecting to see Discourse used on multiple popular forums lol.