Which system do you use to accurately report an account?


Its my own development so I’m not sure about development cost of such system.

Main usage is 24/7 monitoring of my accounts, warnings for accounts with slow growth or PV and such.
Monitor all posts and analyze Instagram’s metadata compared to post engagement.

Future plan is to implement advanced scraping and filters using machine learning and image recognition methods. Hope to write a post sometime in the future after experimenting with this.
And of course report generation with metrics.


you can try hypeauditor’s trial with 10minutemail, it takesmore time but saves lots of money


You can use charts from adobe to craft your own report. It’ll take about a few hours to set it up, but once established, you can reuse them.


I’m certainly 100% with you but the problem is to provide the data. hype provided them automatically :slight_smile:


Id love to see a guide from you if you ever have the time that sounds helpful


Here’s an in depth video of how to set up Adobe Captivate Templates.