Which system do you use to accurately report an account?

Hi, guys, I’m trying to acquire new customers, after sending an initial email, a file with all the things that I could do for them, I do it customized to make it more interesting and to make the customer unique. Obviously, I use programs to make reports I used HypeAuditor, but it has become too expensive and expensive to make a report they ask for 30 $. Do you have alternatives? or do you think creating such a program can be very expensive? What strategies do you use? I will be very fussy but I like to give the customer all the information especially from the first moment to play on the fact if he has real or false followers. a true or false engagement. or if it is part of POD and bla bla bla.
What do you think? I would like to compare myself with you.

I don’t really know a cost-effective way to track these.
But other people in this forum mentioned this tool from google https://datastudio.google.com/ to create custom reports. Maybe check this out.


Thank you @asfgagasga
it’s very useful but I mean something that makes an automatic report.


I initially like to use ninjalitics to show prospects where we can improve together. (I look at ER and the frequency of posts)

this is quite a subjective thing. So difficult to quantify without a deeper look into his followers

Ditto as the real/false followers. Difficult to tell without deeper insight.

As far as automatic reports… i use @SheriffWoody’s service I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)


do you share with your prospects the link itself or you cut out the reports only?


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I only screenshot what’s relevant.

Some clients want access to it. Maybe around 20% of them ask for it.

But once they have signed up with me, I send them recurring reports.

Look you know people when you send them something like this, they are always very happy and you too can get a clearer idea about the profile you are going to take in management, the problem is that this service costs 30Usd per account :slight_smile: I know well igblade , but that’s his in everyday life, to show my clients if they are growing, but for new ones I prefer something more precise. @tripleyourtribe

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for that kind of detail, id expect to pay a pretty penny for each report :slight_smile:

I hope we will find cheaper mate…

Edit: but also remember that sometimes, it costs $$ to buy a client. And your interpretations of those stats are often more important than the stats themselves. So there is significant value in speaking to your prospect about the report.

So you could pitch it as a 30 min call (valued at $100)… for free… or for 30$ to break even if you are up for charging people for this.

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that’s what I’m trying to do too, because you can’t pay 30usd for that. it used to cost 1usd and was convenient. I’m thinking of having it done by some expert, but I think it will cost a fortune. @tripleyourtribe

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right, will you give the 20% the access to it then? Cause I think sending them recurring reports makes more sense though! Thanks for sharing bud :slight_smile:

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I am sure clients would love such a comprehensive report, it’s really the ‘WOW’ and differentiating factor.

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Sure, you’re absolutely right, I give that as a free bonus to the future customer. however, sending cold emails, if 1000 emails are answered by 20 people, and if you pay 30usd for each of them for a report of this kind, then 600 usd :slight_smile: how long does it take to amortize this? and above all it is not said that after the report these people want to be taken over by you. @tripleyourtribe

yeah, its just a matter of sending them a URL. No biggie lol.


ahahaha right, no biggie! am sure you are able to provide more value.

No , i don’t give them URL, I download it in pdf, obviously here the name and all the info of the client have been obscured, but then I add in addition what I could do for them in a personalized way, I add 5 pages where I explain, the followers, the engagement, the hashtags research. in short, I do a complete thing.

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Ah, i was thinking you pitch the idea to your email list (for example) and do the report only for those who are interested in it.

(more of an inbound / direct response approach)

I may have to have a think over how this can be applied for outbound approach.

Ive seen tons of spam email templates being sent directly to IG usernames saying “your account deserves more engagement / likes!”

But it could be tweaked and improved of course.

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dude, save that for after a prospects wants to hear that stuff…

I charge for doing that (and I provide a 17 page report when clients want this).


I send an email to a cold email, with the help of some copywriters I perfected it, then with a scraper I find emails, and I send it. After if someone answers my initial email, I say thanks bla bla bla I’ll give you a free report with all the things I could do to improve your profile. so far so good, it doesn’t cost me so much work to do it, the problem is that initially this thing was fine because I spent 1usd per customer who answered, it was sustainable as an idea and the customer had a clear idea, and I also made ideas about what I was going to do.

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I use my own tracking and reporting system, it depands on the metrics you would like to get for the accounts.

It all depands on the amount of time/money you are willing to invest in customization. For me it gives great freedom of options in my tracking.


I’m very curious about this, did you have it created? and what are its functions? and if I’m not too indiscreet how much does it cost? @ido thank you