Which tool to divide tags into posts?


I would like to divide big group of hashtags into posts, using x times each tag.
Lets say I have 700 tags.
I would like to create 840 posts using each tag 30 times, 25 tags per post. Posts should be different, tags can be shuffled on random. What would you use?

This can be done in Microsoft Excel by using the Sort/Filter option.

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I think its not that easy, isnt there any app dedicated for that?

It is super easy in excel.

If you need I can give you the formulas.


Paste it here!

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That would be awesome, maybe share it here as many other people could benefit from this in the future. Thank you! :pray:

Column A add your hashtags
Column B =IF(RAND()<0.6,A2,"") and drag it down (you need one per row/hashtag)
Column E (in this example, could be any other you like) =TEXTJOIN(" ",TRUE,B2:B15)
(change the range accordingly)
Here is the trick DO NOT copy paste this formula to the other rows!!
You have several options:
1- Copy it and paste it using PASTE VALUES (V)
2: Select the first cell of the Result and one empty to the left like D2 and E2 then
go to DATA --> WHAT-IF-ANALYSIS and select Data Table select any empty cell for Column input cell and click OK (this a super quick method if you need hundreds of rows, you don’t need to do PASTE VALUE (Row input cell remains empty)

Everytime you refresh the sheet with F9, or just updating any cell, the results change!!! :slight_smile:

Note: play with the RAND formula the <.0.6 :wink:


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It shows that the formula for the Column B and Column E is incorrect. (Won’t accept that function)
This formula is for shuffling hashtags, could it be done that way I thought at first: every hashtag used exactly 30 times, in 25 groups (random) but all hashtags have to be used the exact same number of times in these 840 groups?

It works perfectly, make sure you type the formula correctly :wink: