Which type of VPS is good this?

Hi, I got some queries regarding VPS:

  1. My purpose is to run some USA websites like HBO GO, hulu, ABC News, netflix, youtube usa, instagram profiles etc. So I hope the most lowest plan is enough for me?

  2. Will I able to use those websites smoothly through the VPS like we access via chrome, opera? Like creating profiles, navigating, managing and doing each and every thing like we do from Chrome and opera?

  3. Any recommended VPS for my kind of work?

Thanks in advance.

There are some thread with the current recommended VPS providers.

Are you looking to use those just to surf the net on chrome? :thinking:

Estos dos por ahora sin problema todo correcto:


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I will be managing some USA YouTube accounts, USA FB Accounts etc. By managing I mean doing all kind of works in those accounts.

Why you don’t just take a VPN ? I miss something ? :kissing:

Multiple accounts plus dont like vpn.

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I’m using a netcup.de VPS server. 7$ a month for 8GB RAM, 80GB SSD

Why do you need a VPS for that ? It will anyway not work with a datacentre IP. So you need proxies. At that moment you also don’t need a VPS anymore.

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I had no problems with greencloud

That is a really random recommendation :slight_smile:

How many account do your run on that server?

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@dimitri If the IP location of the VPS is USA, why won’t netflix usa work in a VPS?

Yeah i know, but when he is asking for a good VPS :joy: :man_shrugging:

atm 90

Which VPS are you using?


I do recommend Hetzner normally. 350 per high activity server.


Netflix doesn’t work with datacentre IP’s. You need good residential IP’s. And even that is no guarantee. Netflix doesn’t allow non US clients to watch US Netflix, and they do everything to prevent that.

Been very happy with Netcup, the signup process is bit slower than other platform but the price and quality are really good.

@dimitri Then, can I use the USA VPS for running USA Facebook Ads accs, USA IG Ads accs, USA YouTube Ads accs? Purpose is to run USA Social media Ads accounts via USA VPS.

You write accs… That is more than 1. If you want to run more than 1 account on 1 platform you will need proxies. At that moment it doesn’t make any difference anymore where your VPS is located.

I plan to use multiple accs but for now it will be 1 ads acc of each platform so I guess VPS is fine for that? @dimitri

I think you should first think about what you want. Do you really need a VPS for 1 IG account, 1 Facebook account and 1 Youtube account ? A couple of proxies are cheaper. But you can of course just take a VS and try if it does what you want…