Whitch Captcha is Better? DeathByCaptcha or 2Captcha

I have about 20 accounts, posting about 100-200 posts to groups on Facebook.

Which captcha is better? And which package do I need, 5k or 50k :wink:

I am using deathbycaptcha

Have you chosen one now?

I´m using 2captcha for 2 years but now I am getting a lot of 180 errors and it seems they can not solve it. Their support sucks. Takes ages until I get a reply and think about to switch to deathbycaptcha.

Would be great if you could let me know mate

Hello, as far as I understand you have a problems with our service? I’m Ready to discuss all the points.

Mate, the post was last year


Literally :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It’s not our support page and we’ve found this comment just now.
Support page for customers is: https://2captcha.com/support/faq/38

Support usually answers within 24 hours, still some cases take more time for answer because support agent needs to consult with tech crew.

But thanks for your joke and have a nice day :smiley:

Do you have any problems with our service now?

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Nope, not anymore. We got it solved together with the MPsocial team back then. But your response time was terrible.

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I’m sorry you had such bad experience. If you will have any questions regarding our service in the future, please write in support (https://2captcha.com/support/faq/38) or you can write me directly on social@2captcha.com

Thanks for your response and have a nice day!

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I always use deathbycaptcha :joy::joy::joy:

Using 2Captcha and find it amazing for me. Recommended!