Who can unban a Instagram account?

I have a super nice OG @ name that has been banned for BOTTING but someone botted my account 1 time and spammed my account with fake followers I assume to ban my account!

I’ve emailed instagram from the past 2 weeks trying to get it unbanned,
My facebook is attatched
I’ve bought promo from instagram with my debit card
I gave credit to all my posts!
Didn’t violate anything that I know of!

I read somewhere I need level 2 access to really find the tools to unban!
But I can pay someone good money in bitcoin here to unban my account!
Or teach me how!!

Thanks guys!

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You can unban it yourself. Just keep appealing. How many times have you appealed?


I have tried atleast 10 times!
I only have 1 link to try appealing on is there a different one?


I really am in need of this, will pay hundreds of dollars to get this unbanned!

My asking price is 200 bitcoin.


I will pay this easily!!!

I can pay this super easy man you can really do it???

I’ll pay u as well :blush:bro

For $18,000 I bet I can

It’s going to be 400 bitcoin from you.

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If u help me get back my account more than paying you God will bless You for sure

He has already blessed me with 400 bitcoin.

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Dude, did you read my profile? Don’t send me DM’s begging me to help you get back your account.

Then how? It’s OK

Stop sending me DM’s.

According to social blade your account is live and growing. So it’s not banned. Seriously, I hope someone hacked you because DAMN are you annoying. You can’t follow simple instructions.


Thank you for support… What next now :sob:

Your account getting hacked and your account getting banned are two different things.

The email you showed us shows it was banned. I don’t know if it’s meds you are taking, or meds you need to be taking.


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Good for you.

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Is there’s any way to get back :frowning:

For the last time. No one can help you unban an account. You do it all yourself. If you keep Dming people, no one will help you. It’s annoying as F(_) [ |<.

Your account was “hacked” or you gave someone control and they changed the name on you. Contact Instagram and tell them what happened and show them the social blade.