Who do you use for Instagram Auto Likes?

The company I’ve been using doesn’t work anymore since the update. Anyone know a good service I can replace them with?

you mean fuelgram?

Nah I don’t use them. I don’t want them to have my accounts password

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All the servers that I know of are getting problems with the latest IG updates in the past 3 days. I think you must wait the servers you trust to start work again and not jump from one server to other because asa I said it is a mass problem and not something specific in the servers you work with.

99% of company’s don’t work until we know what really hits us. We have the 6k/30 days theory but that’s it. I think this isn’t has simple has 1 number. Just wait and save money until smm’s comebakc with their farms.

He is talking about fake likes I think… Servers with a lot of accounts with the purpose of follow, like, … others accounts. So you can buy for example 100 likes from them to a specific photo and they will deliver. The auto likes that he is referring to is when you say to the server something like “put 100 likes in the next 30 photos that the profile x will post”, so in this way the likes will automatic enter in the next 30 photos that the user posts.

How about using Jarvee own like exchange tool? It will be great if they add condition like get likes from only x number of followers accounts or exchange likes only between two accounts if their followers range is same like 10k to 15k, but people can fake it, so for that I think they gonna need block option :stuck_out_tongue:

I think OP is looking for powerlikes, not cheap SMM service, though I’m not sure.

Could be, I just thought that it would be SMM service because he says “Auto Likes” and not “Power Likes”.

But anyway, we have to wait he answer us cause we do not have a crystal ball :joy:

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Precisely correct!

There are many sellers on BHW marketplace. Read some recent reviews and then try one by one(or use free trial like $1 if they give you), I don’t have any recommendation for you, sorry.

I did it 2 days ago, until now many and many pending/cancelled/processing orders and none of them completed.

I did not use the $1 free trial, I paid the minimum amount ($10 - $20) and spend some money…
Because almost none of them are attending their topics right now because they are all having massive new tickets opened related to this problem caused by IG updates in their websites to answer I think.
So when they will start attending their topics and giving $1 free trial budget?
When the actual problem vanish, and when it happen the $1 free trial will not be helpful anymore.

So my conclusion is get the servers that you already trust and wait them to work, or be prepare to spend some money trying others that maybe none of them work as well.