Who does Manual f/un for clients? settings?

For those who do manual follow and unfollow for clients, how many do you unfollow and follow per session ?

I assume someone with 100 clients or more is trying to keep the total amount of sessions per account per day at a minimum so thats why i ask.

How many follows per hour and how often ?

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30-40 in 15min should be fine. Do 3-5 sessions a day and it should be good. 6000 Follow limit same applies to manual Following.

Unfollow could be a bit better (30-50) in 15min with 2-4 sessions a day. I just do not recommend massive unfollow in same day you did follows.


It’s doable but remember to eat and go to the bathroom :joy::+1:

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Thanks for awesome response. Do you do it manually yourself ?