Who doing manualy actions

Who ever doing it, did you ever thought about the chance you can get a cancer or whatever from your phone’s radioactivity stuff? Or it just me?

Radiations which come from your mobile phones cannot cause cancer to you.In order to cause cancer,they must be able to break your DNA and modify it which they can’t so you can keep 100s of phones with sim cards in a room and you don’t need to worry at all.

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what about WiFi/4g/5g network?..

It’s totally safe,I have seen some youtube videos and read some blogs about it.

Please don’t say such things if you don’t quote any significative studies conducted on the subject.

1st, there are none.

2nd, phone radiations can probably affect the body, at a close range. Over 1 meter, even with mobile data enabled, you should be fine.

Lmao,show us the proof about what you are talking lol.Even I will show you the proof don’t worry.

And this topic is so vast that it would never end,some researchers say that it doesn’t cause cancer and some says that it has limited cancer causing agents but I have 10 phones since years personally which I keep near myself and what did you say about the 1 meter? Then probably you should stop using your phone and never touch it lol.

And yeah,Non-Ionizing radiations are given out by the cell phones which can’t break your DNA,only Ionizing Radiations can so do your homework before you speak here.


Thank you for providing a link, people will learn more than a simple “It’s totally safe, lmao.”

As i said, there is currently no proof (= significative study links) between cancers and cell phones. However, the OP isn’t only talking about cancers, but health effects too. I let you read some 2017 study about sperm quality and phones (= close range, in the pocket) : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1110569017300602 which was already demonstrated years ago.

Also, as you probably know from your PhD, your answer has 2 biases :

  1. Cancers is a long-term process. Nothing will come straight-forward in a couple of years, thus why most studies (and TIME) is necessary, you could have read it from the link you provided : “At this time we do not have the science to link health problems to cell phone use. Scientific studies are underway to determine whether cell phone use may cause health effects.”

  2. You are talking about 1 phone, in a casual population. Your study recruitment is 100% biased, as @bikiniboy want to perform automation and probably M/S on multiple devices, thus increasing the E and H-field by a X factor. Studies are conducted with 1 phone, for 1 person.

What you need to know here guys, is that the mobile base station (charger) plugged into the phone is what can stack a pretty huge amount of EM radiations, especially if you phones a lot of devices. It is said, on the studies, that no health problem had been reported for an E-Field < 6 V/m.
Well, I guess you also never measured electro-magnetic fields yourself. So let me tell you the stackable amount, because I did measure that :

  • Between 40 and 60 V/m for the powerless ones,
  • Up to 150 V/m for the powerfull ones, for only 1 device. The signal was already on “Harmful”. From this E-Field, you should be able to calculate the SAR (tissue absorption) and see for your devices if it’s safe or not, from which range.
  • From the measures, i’ve seen a “1/2 life” of these radiations by approximately 25 cm. So if you are planning to get 10 phones for example, better being at 1 meter especially for the E-Field stacking.

When it comes to the H-Field, it requires more devices, and them to be active. But the amount of devices would probably need to be higher, though.

Of course, these numbers also depends on the phone model.

If anyone wants a proof of the measures, send me PM directly.

Also, you should know that “5G networks (and the phones that use them) operate on some higher frequency (higher energy) RF wavelengths than older generation networks (although newer phones can typically still use the older networks as well).”

Before making any statement that could induce people’s health, you should definitely be sure of your sources.

That’s what i thought. We call them “internet patients”.

As someone who studied more than 10 years in the medical field, i think i already know cancer’s physiopathology, thank you @aman1809. Actually, i also treated patient for different kind of cancers.
And you, did you do your homeworks :slight_smile: ?


Okay I appreciate you about this,I am not some expert so what about the Chinese Phone Farms that have 1000s of Phones in a room which are operated manually so what do you think about it?

Don’t the guys who operate it risk cancer? And if they know it that they are risking so why would anyone even do it?

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No study has ever been conducted on 1000’s phone, but talking about that stacking amount of energy … It would probably cause health problems, yes.

But once more, it depends on the distance. it’s in a big store, with phones separated by their according 1/2 life distance, then the manual operator would have way less risks. If he stores that amount in a room, i can’t predict the future, but i would not want to try it out…

People do it for money, they don’t really know what “will” be the future, as the current studies aren’t really significative, especially on 1 device over a few months/years of use.

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Im not worrying about this subject because my setup is semi-automated ( just few tasks require manual actions) But, i do agree with that the radiation coming from phones & routers have side effect on humane body over time.

I dont think that this is something you can agree or disagree on. It either is or isn’t, but at the moment there isnt any scientific evidence for either.

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I know in personal a woman who worked on her phone every day and speak, 2-3 hours a day close to her ear* she got a cancer brain in the same place where she put the phone…she now actively in the movement against 5g stuff

yes its true, mm can I ask you how many acc you run on one phone?