Who Felt That Earthquake?


All the fam in California, did you feel that earthquake??


Yeah bruh I live in Venice, CA. The traffic lights were swaying back and fourth.


Wish everything gonna be alright there.
Be safe bro.


I’ve been hearing that there’s a 1/20 chance there will be a bigger one.


Hope everyone is safe.


Was in LA when our bldg started shaking. Scary AF. We’re all ok.


Nothing in SF. Maybe too far north haha.

I was in Taiwan during their last 6.1 earthquake. I was on 14th floor too and the whole building was swing (not just shaking) back and forth for almost a minute, that was REALLY scary.


May god bless you all and keep you all safe.


The big one is coming. Forget Instagram imma go focus on insta food packs now.