Who here is a proficient web developer?

Just wondering, whos a proficient web developer? Id like to ask you some questions…

Specifically building a website around SDK’s.


I am a web developer for several years, so ask, I will try to answer with my best knowledges. :slight_smile:


I am wondering what it takes to build a website around a server-side SDK.

I am testing out this service called Ziggeo which provides developers a way to record and show videos.

Basically what I would like to do is setup my own website for my clients to record, moderate and show videos.
The service has SDK’s with Java, C+, Python, Ruby, Node and PHP.

I’d like to have the moderate page to be password protected.

I’d also like to generate these 3 pages without having to have a web-dev create them (so auto creating?) because every time I set up a new client I need to generate a new API key per client.

  1. What information am I missing? As in - am I making sense with what I’d like to do?
  2. Would this be easy to do/create?

more info here: https://ziggeo.com/docs

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I was a PHP developer for a long time so I would stick with the PHP SDK for the sake of easiness - but this is only my preference.

What I understood from your reply is you need an authentication system. To stick with the PHP example I would use CodeIgniter framework + one of its free auth libraries, last time when I needed to develop a custom code project based on PHP I used ion auth (http://benedmunds.com/ion_auth/). It was really easy to use and it’s ready-to-go.
One another thing you will need is a subpage for recording videos which will rely on the SDK and probably you will also require the users to be authenticated in your system (which will use the auth system mentioned above).
Other subpage for listing the videos - I am not sure if you need this but somehow you have to go to the actual video pages and it seems a clear way to do it.
Another subpage for showing the selected video, probably identified by a unique ID: for example [domain]/play_video/{ID}
And you need the subpage where you can moderate the videos and it’s attached to an admin rank in the auth system.

Of course you need a database where you store the users and admins + the video IDs (I didn’t check it but probably the videos are stored on the ziggeo’s side, so some kind of access URL also should be stored in your database).

I hope I didn’t miss anything, ask if something is not clear.

I don’t see anything which can’t be done in a few days. It doesn’t seem a really hard task - although there can be anything unpredictable problems while developing this. :slight_smile:


lol where can I learn to do this?

I didn’t want the users to be authenticated. Just the admin to moderate the videos. I am attaching a drawing.

How fast could someone setup this setup, every time I get a new client with a new API key? I see the framework but every time I get a new client, I would need new:

  1. Video Submission Page
  2. Create Moderation page with credentials
  3. Create a video gallery page
    -all with a unique sub-domain.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Would it need to be create from scratch or does some sort of existing solution exist where it can be modified? :open_mouth:


Wondering if a membership plugin would work for wordpress :no_mouth:

Then again, I have no idea what I am talking about.

@bwbalazs you mentioned it taking a few days… is that for a seasoned individual or a noob?



Sorry, I thought you are just asking advices if it’s hard to develop or not and you will outsource it to a web developer. :smiley:
With Wordpress you can definitely solve it easier, and yeah it can work with a membership plugin.

However I don’t understand why do you need different api tokens and different subdomains. It’s hard to see through this whole task for the first sight. :slight_smile:

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