Who is not Following Back


First I want to say I am sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this.
Is there a way to check who is not following me back without using my login information?
I don’t use Jarvee (this is for my personal and only account)
Most of the Apps that track who is not following back aren’t working (they are showing wrong information, maybe something changed on IG and they found a way to stop these)
I know I can look every account manually and see if it is following me, but this take time and probably I will get an action block…

Is it difficult to make a website where you put your username and it runs any program on IG that check the followers and people that I follow, and than list both in excell so i can compare? Probably a lot of people would pay a fee to use this…

Thank you!
(English is not my first language)

Some login and little effort has to be made no other way, either by your account or a scraper account, usually with bots as jv you will need to login with your account for such scrape job(people who didn’t follow back).

But also you can do this without touching your main account, but using a scraper account and some basic excel skills, first scrape the usernames you are following, and after scrape your followers’s usernames, later compare them in two excel columns, find duplicates(dupes will be the people who you follow and they followed back), later delete those dupes from following column, and the rest will be people who didn’t follow back.

That’s exactly what I was thinking, Getting the list of people I follow and than people that Follow me, put on excel and compare. But I don’t know how to use scrapers (It’s my personal account) so I thought that it may exist website or app that does that. I would pay a small subsription and I think more people would pay too

I never find a website that provides such service for free.

Using scrapers is simple. Have you used Jarvee before? If not, you can sign up for 5-days free trial to try it. You can buy scrapers and some proxies from #public-marketplace Once you add the scraper accounts and verify them in Jarvee, go to one of the accounts’ Scrape Tools to scrape the followers and the followings of the target account.

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Thank you! But this takes time and I am just a curious person that wants to know who is not following me back, without using my password. I just emailed some people on fiverr to see if they can do this for a small fee. Thank you very much and have a great weekend