Who is Still doing facebook automation?

is there anyone who is still doing fb automation?

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I would love to know this as well. What is the go to program for it?

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i think many people use Jarvee for fb automation

Recently I came across some articles about how facebook is dying, and IG taking over. But looking at the stats, facebook is still strong. Wheras seeking for automation on Fb could be a problem, there aren’t to many offers :roll_eyes:

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from my personal experience i think automation on fb is more difficult,

Facebook is not dying at all! That’s the comment from ppl trying to make money on it with “free” techniques.
As a platform is huge and still growing…

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I was doing it for some time, but now only work with IG automation

I still regularly use facebook for ads when I am selling something.

For this IMO it is still great but you’ll need a good budget. Although I have been trying to dabble with facebook automation just to grow my audience and presence, not necessarily for the reach because organic reach on FB seems pretty much dead.

Also, I wonder if there is any way to do the slave account method on FB to grow one big page. Anyone ever tried something like that before with success?

The only way i found was to promote one page in many groups with many accounts. Use it for meme page, and everything girls related.

with jarvee???

Are there any posts here that are a tutorial on automating FB?

theres no sense anymore on FB have a large page

i dont think if there is any new tutorial on automating fb

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Do you think even for a big influencer. I work with some aspiring actors musicians and while they mostly focus on insta, I see a lot of established ones also have a large facebook presence although it might actually be useless. What do you say?

Wrong thread forget about my answer lol

Tried automating few accs on fb got them deleted in few hours, i didnt try again its difficult i think… also im not sure about engagement on fb anymore i guess its very bad.

It goes hand in hand really. Big on Instagram? Usually carries over to Facebook. I know many top artists who only post to FB every 6 months or so or not all. So I don’t think it’s essential. :sunglasses:

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I still automate FB but its nothing like before. Pages are completely dead and groups are going the same way depending on what you are using them for. Even with lots of interactions and comments on a post the traffic from that is still dropping all the time. For the past few months there hasn’t been much logic to the way FB works. I think FB more or less wants to make sure nobody clicks out of FB to a website unless you have used paid ads to do it. The problem for FB is that this also affects the normal but they dont seem too bothered.

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automation on facebook is more difficult,Instagram is the future

How do you get around verification for running multiple accounts? That’s the only issue I’m having. I’ve already tested a technique manually that works great for cpa… I would just like to try it on a larger scale.