Who is using IG+GMAIL accounts from marketplace?

Hey guys, who have experience buying IG+GMAIL accounts from the marketplace, Those for 1-1.20$ per account, are they worth it? They do not get blocked for actions or deleted during the time? I’m planning to run them on Jarvee, and my local 4g connection. Thanks.

I don’t care about the emails they might not work due to Gmail security reasons but ig accounts work great as slaves for me atleast. I am using @ARoNNN accounts currently :slightly_smiling_face:

Save yourself a headache and don’t use Gmail… every time my acc gets TL i have to manually unlock because Google just won’t allow me to login through Web app even though Less Secure Apps is ON and POP3/IMAP is on…

Also a lot of the sellers is on here the Gmails will get disabled or ask for Recovery Email/Phone number within 6 months for no reason just bare that in mind… some sellers on MPSocial dont give you that info… some sellers on BHW do though

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