Who is your most followed follower?

Does anyone know of a tool that allows you to see who the top followers are on your account? There was a website called gram checker or something like that which you could do it but looks like it was shut down. Any thoughts?


Yes check followers for ig in play store.

just scrape your followers with jarvee or any other scraper and sort them by follower count in a spreadsheet.

Dammit I was about to flex with a name then.

Just so my ego doesn’t get hurt…

My most followed follower that follows me…
Is blue tick, about 300k and not famous.
His dad though.

Well you all prolly know his dad.

I guess you could scrape your followers with some Google addon like Helper Tools and then order them by followers count.

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There used to be an app for this but it has been removed from the app store. Found out Sergio Ramos was ours :slight_smile:

I use helper tools