Who LIKES soccer here on MPSOCIAL? ⚽


I used soccer so that our american friends would know what it’s about :grin:


Well, our american friends should know it’s Football and Egg ball lmao :rofl:


:joy: :joy: :joy: Do not hope this comment will have us banned :joy:


Nah, everyone knows that :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:


Anyone watched Brazil vs. Argetina?


King Zlatan


This guy is one of a kind to be honest :crown:



I am a Barca fan. I love the way they pass the ball and Messi is one of the greatest to play the game.


I like to play but not to watch. :slight_smile:


Liverpool’s YNWA here :raised_hands::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:


I am a huge barca fan myself :muscle: :ok_hand::beers:

Haha I was like you when I was younger, but once I turned 30 and realised I couldn’t be Ronaldo, I decided to enjoy the game from a screen :grin:

You’re in the same boat as @sokolmkd
@HamzaE :clap::clap::clap:


Not a fan of this guy.

His ego is way too big kinda delusional lol :joy:

He is good no doubt but not as good as he thinks he is.


Ohh Wow really? Zlatan is really a skilled sportsman, before he even started football he had black belt in taekwondo.
I really enjoy watching him play


Barcelona for sure ! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Another Liverpool fan :slight_smile:



:wink: I bet you miss Philippe Coutinho.
But it’s a shame Liverpool aren’t gonna bring him back from Barca. I guess his too expensive now.


2 weeks from today we have the Premier League first game - Liverpool Vs Norwich :slight_smile:


Brother to be honest, one thing I know about premier league. The first couple of weeks the results are extremely unpredictable.


Time for you to gamble on some outsiders then bro!


:joy: :joy: I gotta use my resources on a very risky IG market atm. No time for gambling :grin:


Haha there’s always time.
Sky sports have a free to enter competition called super 6 - if you get the correct score of 6 games correct you win £250k - decent to keep interest :slight_smile: