Who LIKES soccer here on MPSOCIAL? ⚽

So ladies and gents
Whom of you do like soccer/football and which team is your all time favorite?

I personally am a BIG time Barca fan and do follow the european league closely. Especially the italian, english and spanish league.

Hope all you soccer fans on this forum would like to participate, so that we can have loads of great soccer chat :wink:


I prefer more MMA: D But I like the ball too.

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I am a huge Liverpool fan and the golden sky finally came this year. I’ve been through highschool and faculty and people have been shitting on Liverpool for almost a decade now and I couldn’t say anything. I just kept repeating to myself that good times will come and I believed in the team/manager (hodson,brendan,kenny…) and always watched them when they played. Can’t believe what Klopp has done and there’s a new feeling of excitement building up, not really used to that!


Liverpool who cannot like liverpool. They will have an interesting season this year I believe

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I love Barcelona :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Brothers for love man. Now it makes sence, since the day I became a member I said to my self, this guy is special. NOW IT ALL FREAKING MAKES SENSE :joy::joy:

Nice brother. Which team is your team?

:joy::joy::joy::joy: this is ridiculous bro hhhhh

Yes sirrrr, Liverpool fan here - perhaps we shouldn’t talk about Liverpool & Barca in the same forum… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome brother I created this topic for WAR :joy::joy::muscle::soccer:

I like soccer, i like to gamble too from time to time when good matches. I used to love barca until that match in cl vs PSG 6-1. I think referees help them and real madrid too much. I don’t have any favorite team now

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Naa brother… I Do not believe he would do so in champions league. Too many eyes watching :wink: Barca is just too good. But PSG has a 4-0 victory over Barca too

:red_circle::black_circle: MILAN :red_circle::black_circle:

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Used to be my childhood favorite team. I believe they are doing the right thing right now by cleaning up the team

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I can’t say I’ve been a Liverpool fan for long, but this last year they had an incredible team.
The Champions League final was a bit boring, sadly.
Yet they got what they deserved, specially after how they beat Barcelona, bloody hell.


That wasn’t a pretty to watch as a barca fan. But well deserved it was. I gotta admit


I can’t even imagine how it must have felt for Barca fans, honestly. I think I’d stop watching soccer for a whole year.

I only watched it afterwards, since I couldn’t watch the whole game, and I kicked myself that I decided to work instead of watching the full match.

It was simply mind blowing and it’s one of those goals that will be mentioned for ages.
I honestly don’t remember anything like that during such an important game, leading to the complete turn around of the 3-0 that I thought was complete game over for Liverpool.

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Had exactly same feeling :grin:

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But… it’s football…

Liverpool has attended 3 european finals in the last 3 years. First we had the uefa cup final and then 2 times champions league finals. If you know just a little bit about football, that is clearly a proof of how good this team is.