Who manages accounts like this?

Hey guys,

this is my first post but i already read some Threads in this forum and i really enjoy this forum.

I’m in the IG Marketing Game since i 2014/2015. I always tried to make money with Social Media and about 10 months ago i read something about client management and i got excited.

Now i own a very small IG SMMA and i have the typical struggles (getting clients, etc.) but that’s not my question today.

A few days ago, i saw somebody talking about that it violates the Terms of Use from IG to manage other peoples account. Okay, that’s not my problem.

My question is :

Who has the right of managing Instagram accounts like (examples) @apple or @mercedesbenz ?

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Whoever they designate to run them, as long as they don’t violate TOS. I mean, seriously, half of these “influencers” are probably not smart enough to tie their own shoes, and desperately need a SMM.


Yeah, but accounts like @apple aren’t Influencers and also i think you are violating the TOS with managing the accounts of somebody else.

I didn’t mean to imply apple was an influencer. They have their own in house sum’s. Do you really think it is violating TOS having all these influencer brands being managed by 3rd party, SMM’s advertising all over the place? If it was violating the TOS, IG would shut down the accounts. As it is, they make a ton of money off it, so they allow it.

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Okay, now i understand it.

Thank you!

But one question:

How is IG making money with it?
Do you mean because SMMs are helping to sell things through Instagram and their integrated Shopping feature?

They are spending millions on ads. When you are such a big customer for advertising, I’m pretty sure they can do “whatever they want”. They are playing on another level.

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Do you think Zuckborg manages his own?:rofl:

Agencies which the brands contract with in most cases. The brand creates the content, agencies do the actual legwork.

I don’t know about those companies that you’re talking about, but I know people who work in other international corporations. They don’t outsource the management of social media, they hire teams of people for that under the marketing branch, while marketing agencies are used for content creation.

I work in a corporation and that’s exactly what we do. Not only to manage the accounts also to work on growth developing tools and systems, we don’t have problems with TOS just because we are an important customer for FB/IG.

Unfortunately all falls apart when doing my personal work, I cannot apply most of the strategies because I got blocks constantly.